All Junior Colleges Scholarship Offers

Q: Can Junior Colleges offer me athletic scholarships like NCAA programs?

A: Yes, you can receive athletic scholarships to many Junior Colleges programs that include tuition, fees, room, board, books, course-related materials and transportation costs (one time per academic year).

Each school varies with what type of athletic scholarship aid they are able to offer— ranging from full scholarships to partial aid to none.

Each institution belonging to the NJCAA can choose to compete on the Division I, II or III level in designated sports. Division I colleges may offer full athletic scholarships, Division II colleges are limited to awarding tuition, fees and books, and Division III institutions may provide no athletically related financial assistance. However, NJCAA colleges that do not offer athletic aid may choose to participate at the Division I or II level if they so desire.

If you are looking into starting your athletic career at a Junior College contact the coaches at each school to learn more about what they are able to offer in terms of scholarship opportunities. Visit for more info.

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