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Highlight Videos: 15 Tips to Put Your Video Together

#1: Send highlights from varsity games only

#2: Send recent highlights, games within the last year (unless you sat out due to injury)

#3: Be sure to note your jersey number and jersey color (white/dark) so that coaches can identify you quickly

#4: If possible, send highlights that show you specifically

#5: Include 15-30 plays from multiple games

#6: Keep highlights between 2-5 minutes

#7: If possible, also send 2-3 full or half games. Coaches may request full games in order to evaluate further after you get their attention through highlights.

#8: Show all position-specific skills, you want to show you are a well-rounded player

#9: No music is necessary

#10: No fancy cover is necessary

#11: Be sure to send your Student-Athlete Resume with your highlights (mail or email)

#12: Don’t email to generic email accounts, contact the school to get the direct email address of the coach who recruits your area or position

#13: You must follow-up after a week for feedback

#14: If you aren’t getting much of a response, contact the team and ask for a grad assistant or Director of Operations or ask to speak with someone who works in recruiting

#15: If you can’t find a coach’s email address, it never hurts to hit them up on social media and tweet or Facebook your highlight links to them, publicly or privately.

If you haven’t been contacted by the end of your junior season, it’s time to put together you highlights immediately after the season and begin to send them out to coaches at schools that you are interested in, and to several (or all!) schools within the state. And for seniors, if you are starting the process late, get those highlights on YouTube or Hudl and start sending them out—NOW!

Once you have your highlights finished, you can send your video via email, social media or by mailing a hard copy. Again—your first job is to get the name of the specific coach who recruits your city or position. Get their direct email address and direct phone number. Once you make your list of coaches and get their DIRECT contact info, send it to their attention along with your Student-Athlete Resume and be sure to follow-up within a week or two!

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