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Q: Does my child need to play on a high profile club/AAU team? Do coaches comb through all teams at tourneys and evaluate?

  A: No, not necessarily. When coaches are evaluating players at tournaments, yes, they are looking for new talent that is not currently on their radar. But, they’re also there supporting players they are already interested in and actively recruiting, and even players who have already committed or signed. Even when a recruit commits or signs their NLI, the “recruiting” …

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15 Thoughts for Addressing Issues with Your Child’s Coach

I often hear the phrase, “My coach is against me,” or “My child’s coach shows favoritism towards other players.” Yes, favoritism does sometimes happen and yes, almost every player feels their coach is against them at some point. (These are intended for college-aged players but some points also apply to youth sports…) Before your child makes the final decision to …

AAU / Club Sports All Getting Noticed

8 Reasons Why Players May Begin to be Recruited – #4 – Recommended by Coach

#4: Were recommended by your high school or AAU coach, especially if your coach has had success throughout their career or has an established relationship with particular college coaches A good place to start during your junior or senior year is with your high school and AAU coaches, they could be a valuable resource to you. Get their opinion on …