All Committing Selection Factors

Picking a School: Develop Your Selection Criteria

Coaches have their own checklist of characteristics and skills that they are looking for. You need to develop one as well! As you sit down, think about the few things that are really important to you, that will help you become a successful player, eventual college graduate and person. In order to be successful in a situation, you need to be happy — this is why it is so critical to base your decision on these few factors that are really important to you.

Whether it is distance from home, early playing time, a specific major, internship opportunities, path to the pros, etc… put together your short list of needs. What does the final opportunity need to have in order to make you happy and comfortable with the decision.

As the process picks up, coaches will undoubtedly through a million things at you. Factors you had never even thought of! Ultimately, most of those decision factors don’t matter — just the handful of factors that are important to you and your family.

In times of confusion or pressure, lean on those core needs that you initially set out with and those should help lead you to the best decision for you! Focus on what is really important to you at the end of the day, all of those other frivolous things don’t really matter!

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