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Committing: The Right to Change Your Mind


Another factor I want to stress to you is that you ALWAYS have the right to change your mind before you sign that National Letter of Intent (NLI). No matter how close to Signing Day, if your heart and gut are raising the red flags on your decision—by all means, follow them! Truthfully, college coaches deal with recruits changing their mind ever year, they will get over it. Most coaches want you to make a decision that is best for you, they understand that if you make a decision that you are not comfortable with in the end, you will likely transfer in a year or two, and that effects everyone involved.

Once you determine your non-negotiable decision factors (academic reputation, conference, location), keep it real with the coaches that are recruiting you. Believe me, if you don’t tell them what your decision factors are, someone else around you will and it’s best that you speak for yourself!
Coaches are good with a player who can be up front with them and it’s better they know your selection criteria from you directly instead of hearing it from a family member, high school or AAU coach or recruiting website who may misspeak for you.

Most coaches are professionals, they won’t be mad at you. Disappointed for their programs, yes, but not mad if you can be up front with them. And most will even tell you to reach out to them down the road if you change your mind, they understand this may be a confusing and overwhelming experience for you and will pick up where they left off if you decide to re-open your recruitment down the road.

It’s crucial you determine your decision factors and follow your heart! If you don’t, coaches know you will be unhappy and eventually transfer from the program. They were all your age once! Keep it real with them and they will keep it real with you!

At the end of the day this is YOUR decision and you need to do what is in YOUR heart, do what makes YOU happy!

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