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14 Signs of a Great Recruiter

Before you get too deep in the recruiting process it’s important for you to learn the difference between what it takes to be a great recruiter and what to look for in a great coach.

Recruiting players and coaching players are two completely different jobs– and not too many people understand that. Recruiting and coaching require different skill sets. Just become someone is a great recruiter, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are a great coach. And there are really great coaches who may not naturally be great at recruiting players.

During the recruiting process, you are only really seeing one side of a coach. Recruiting has become such a critical role in a coach’s job description because it has become so competitive nationally, but it’s only one-third of their job.

Characteristics of great recruiters include:

#1: A genuine-seeming personality

#2: A master of marketing – 24/7/365

#3: A high-level of organization and attention to detail

#4: A coach who is diligent in their work ethic

#5: The ability to put on a show

#6: The ability to get to know who or what is important in your life and to keep up with what is going on in your world

#7: The ability to create a parent role in your life

#8: The effort of getting to know all of the decision makers and influencers in your life (prep coaches, parents, extended family, mentors, girlfriends/boyfriends)

#9: A confidence about their program, what they can offer you and their ability to get you to commit

#10: The ability to be able to move on to the next player if they aren’t getting feedback or interest from their top prospects

#11: Putting together an official visit weekend that will be a home run from your perspective, creating the vision that you have told them that you are looking for in a program

#12: The ability to do skill evaluations without solely relying on rankings or scouting reports

#13: The ability to determine position needs for the team and sign the best available player at that position

#14: Having strong relationships with coaches and programs in their region
Remember—throughout the process you are ultimately looking for a coach who is a great TEACHER. The ability to recruit players helps coaches get and keep their jobs, but the ability to TEACH players is what you are ultimately looking for! Know the difference!

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