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How to Follow Up After a Coach Told You to Give them a Call or Send Video

Coaches normally mean what they say, and say what they mean. If a coach gives you their contact info and tells you to call them—call them, and call them soon! Often I would get calls from high school seniors or their parents, telling me they met coaches years or months ago—and are calling to see if any scholarships are still available. Usually, no!

If a coach tells you to contact them—especially if you aren’t getting much other interest—and gives you their cell or office number, they’re interested on some level and you can’t just expect them to chase you around if you are also somewhat interested. Call to check in, send them your highlights or game video.

Don’t let the introduction you made go stale without getting an evaluation of your play! If you follow-up months or years later (or even weeks later, in some cases) those scholarship dollars are gone!

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