All Communicating with Coaches Getting Noticed Junior Colleges

Q: I’m at a Junior College and want to transfer to an NCAA school, what do I do?

A: Coaches recruit Junior College players in the same way as they recruit high school players. In fact, many NCAA programs and coaches put quality time into scouting and evaluating Junior College players every season.

If you are playing at a Junior College and aren’t hearing from NCAA coaches, you must do some footwork on your own and send coaches your film and Student-Athlete Resume.

It’s also a good idea to speak with your current and high school coaches to ask for their advice or assistance. They can help you by making some calls for you and sending your film to college programs. Ask them for where they may see you getting recruited, if they know any college coaches they can get your info to and if they’d mind cold calling some college coaches for you.

Treat the process as you would if you were coming out of high school and looking for opportunities—only this time with a better resume and some physical growth and improvements.

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