Home Visits: Trying to Close the Deal with Official Visits & In-Home Visits

Home Visits: Trying to Close the Deal with Official Visits & In-Home Visits

There are two important events that take place in the recruiting process, both revolving around that ‘at home’ feeling— Official/Unofficial Visits and in-home visits. To recruiters, there is no place like home!

Remember that it’s very important to get to the campus of the school that you are thinking about committing to before you make your decision. It’s best that you go there in person to know what you’re getting yourself into—the coaches, the campus, the students, the gameday atmosphere, the city, the dorms… everything! Ideally, you don’t want to commit to a university until you’ve gotten a chance to get to their place and can see how they live!

Compare it to online dating, everyone posts their most flattering pictures, writes great profiles and most times they aren’t 100% accurate. Old pictures, exaggerations, their personality is rarely what was portrayed in their ‘About Me’ section. You wouldn’t shop for a spouse on the internet and agree to get married without meeting them! Same for every college program that you are considering— it’s very important to see them for your own two eyes before signing anything or committing!

There is always a chance that you may not feel comfortable in the community, with the campus, with the personality of the team or in your situation after meeting with the coaches in person, on campus.

A great sign of interest from a coach is when they’re inviting you to campus for an official or unofficial visit. If they’re inviting you to their games, Junior Days, other campus events or games—they’re interested on some level and what to get to know you better.

Throughout the recruiting process, understand that it’s a two-way street. Coaches are constantly evaluating if you are a good fit for their program but THEY also want YOU to do your research, kick in the tires and go for a test drive. They want you to feel a fit with them and know that won’t truly happen until you’ve been to their campus. You need to be evaluating them just as carefully as they are evaluating you!

When coaches are ready to close the deal they will usually make the trip to your hometown for an in-home visit. They want to be on your turf, show you that they can fit in with your family and can tell you what their plan is for you. They have been selling to you but this is a final chance to close the deal with those close to you who may also be influencing your decision.

The highest sign of interest that coaches can show you is by getting you to their house for an official visit and getting the opportunity to come to yours for an in-home visit. They will be trying to close the deal on both turfs!

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