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All Campus Visits (Official & Unofficial) Evaluations

Q: A school invited me to a game and offered to give me a tour of campus—does that mean I’m being recruited?

  A: Yes, if a coach is trying to get you to visit campus, they’ve heard something and have some level of early interest. They’ve heard or seen something about you that interests them and they want to get to know you better, meet you in person and show you a little bit about their program. The only exception is …

All Campus Visits (Official & Unofficial) Communicating with Coaches

Q: A school is sending mail, coming to see me play or has invited me to camp—how do I go about asking for an Unofficial Visit?

A: As coaches are evaluating prospects and prioritizing their recruits, they want you to do your research and be just as proactive and involved with the process as they are. While college coaches first must be interested in your athletic and academic abilities they love recruits who show a passion for their program. If you have a scholarship offer or …

All Communicating with Coaches Evaluations Improvements

Q: Can poor character displayed on social media really hurt an athlete’s chance of being recruited? Do coaches really care?

A: As a prospective college athlete understand that not only are you being evaluated by your skills, size, speed and grades, your character is also under the microscope. It’s not just about what you put out there in your words, it’s also very telling who you are connected to and your communications with them! While you may be trying to …