All Getting Noticed Junior Colleges

Q: How does the recruiting process work with Junior College programs? How do I get in touch with JuCo coaches?

A: The Junior College route is a great one for players who feel they aren’t getting the interest from NCAA schools that they want to play for. Most NCAA programs and coaches put quality time into scouting and recruiting Junior College players so it’s definitely an option to look into if you aren’t happy with where recruiting is going as a senior.

You can get the attention of Junior College coaches in the same way as coaches at NCAA institutions – by sending your film and Student-Athlete Resume to them or calling them to inquire about their program and to pass along your information. Similar to NCAA programs, the #1 Rule to remember is that coaches need to see you play in order to have legitimate interest. Your high school coaches may also be able to help you with the process by reaching out to the coaches as well.

If possible, also have your prep coaches reach out to the programs you are interested in, give their recommendation and send your film to get the process going. JuCos, like NCAA schools, vary school-by-school with the scholarship aid they can provide. Some offer full scholarships, others offer partial scholarships and others offer no athletics aid.

Going to Junior College gives players an opportunity to improve their academic standing while continuing to play and develop their size and skills. Going to a JuCo offers you the opportunity to basically re-do the high school recruiting process and is easier and less restrictive than enrolling at a four-year institution and transferring from university to university.

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