Are college recruiting services worth the money?

One of the top questions I hear is: “Are expensive recruiting services worth the money?” 

In my experience, working for 20+ years in NCAA recruiting at UF, UM, UNC, Elon (plus covering Alabama & FSU for — the answer is NO! Here are ten reasons why spending money on expensive recruiting services is a waste:

1 – You can earn athletic scholarships entirely yourself with just two things — your video and your Student-Athlete Resume — even if you are getting zero interest today. Even if you’re a junior, senior or in Junior College.

2 – It actually looks better to coaches when you have the initiative to do the footwork on your own, and don’t need a paid service.

3 – The money you spend on recruiting services would be much better invested into camps, travel, AAU participation, tournaments, combines, etc.

4 – In 20+ years working in recruiting with college coaches, I’ve heard them sit on the phone all day long calling around and talking with high school coaches, AAU/club coaches, principals, etc. Coaches go directly to the trusted sources and spend hours each day searching for recruits.

5 – Coaches gather information in seven main ways to find new recruits. They leave no stone unturned and will find you!

6 – A big percentage of players who signed scholarships with the schools I worked for came to us first. They sent in their video, they attended camps, they called the coaches offices, etc. You don’t have to wait for coaches to come find you, many scholarships players come to the coaches first.

7 – It’s never been easier now to find and contact college coaches and recruiting staffs with email, social media, YouTube, Hudl, etc. — and most of these resources are FREE!

8 – My website offers several free articles and videos that can walk you through the process and answer your main questions. I also have a book that is less than $25, that will walk you through the entire process.

9 – The money you would spend would be better invested in training, equipment, healthier foods, etc. to invest in yourself.

10 – Paying someone to “put you in front of coaches” gives the impression that you must not be that great. I guarantee you, you can get just as much or more attention, if you send your VIDEO & STUDENT-ATHLETE RESUME on your own to college coaches!

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