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8 Reasons Why Players May Begin to be Recruited

Players may begin to be recruited by college coaches if they…

#1: Were named as a great player by a reputable scouting service on a national or regional report that the coaches subscribe to

#2: Had impressive regional or national combine results (height, weight, speed, vertical, stats, notes) that were sent to the coaches

#3: Were an impressive player at a tournament or game where college coaches were scouting

#4: Were recommended by your high school or AAU coach, especially if your coach has had success throughout their career or has an established relationship with particular college coaches

#5: Stood out as a great player at a college or university camp

#6: Sent a highlight or game video to the coaches and they were impressed

#7: Were offered by a rival or comparable school within the conference or region

#8: Political ties (a best friend of a top recruit or family member of an influential person within the University or Athletic Department)


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