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Q: Which are better: 1-day camps or overnight camps?

A: Either, any camps that you can get to can help you with the process! If money is an issue, spending just one day at a university camp can be enough to get the attention of the college coaches. If you can afford it, spending a few days at a university camp can help your cause greatly, if you have the talent-level for that program. One-day camps and multi-day camps are great investments.

Many colleges organize one-day camps that are more accessible and geared for prospects, and usually get more attention evaluation-wise from the coaching staff. Many staffs try to get the best state and regional players to campus for these camps. Along with being more affordable, these camps are often more competitive, and coaches like to evaluate players versus great competition. There are likely more talented players at these one-day camps.

Overnight camps also have their advantages. While one-day camps will give coaches a glimpse of your talent and can lead to future recruitment and further in-depth evaluations, overnight camps can give coaches a better idea of your skills, attitude and intangibles and may more likely lead to recruitment or an offer down the road if you aren’t a highly-recruited prospect. You also can learn new drills, technique, better footwork—position-specific work with a college coach can only help you get better.

If your recruitment has been slow or non-existent, start with local schools. Don’t just try to get the attention of DI and national Top 25 teams, work to build a local reputation as a prospect with schools within 200-400 miles from home. If you have offers from smaller programs it’s easier to get attention from bigger programs.

Remember—coaches don’t care about internet rankings near as much as they care about their personal evaluations of your talent. If you aren’t getting much interest, publicity or internet hype, you should consider multi-day camps if you are serious about getting your recruitment going in order to give coaches a chance to see you perform in person.


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