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Should I Transfer? I’ve Started Several Games and Just Got Benched for No Reason…


Not necessarily – you may think there is “no reason,” but your coach may have a valid reason.

From a recruiting standpoint – benching and playing time can effect your recruitment in a few ways:

• Does your benching have anything to do with attitude, grades or work ethic? Is there a “lesson” in the benching that your coach is trying to teach you? Can you talk to your coach about it, and ask what steps you need to take to get back on the field?

• Are you still getting playing time but not starting? Starting plays no role in how you can impact a game, if you are still getting playing time there are ways you can showcase your talent and abilities. Can you still find a way to help your team win and be strong fundamentally at your position, so these abilities can show up on film?

• If another player has passed you on the depth chart, and may be holding on to the top spot, is there another position you can switch to in order to get more playing time? Where can you help your team win?

• There are 8 Reasons Why Players Get Noticed & Recruited  – getting benched during the season doesn’t have to end your chances of earning a scholarship. Can you get noticed in any of the other ways during your time on the bench?

Adversity is going to happen — at the high school level, college level and in real life when you have to get a job. Life is not fair, and often lessons and work ethics taught in sports, can help you get through these adversities in real life.

Even some of the most talented players have had adversities they’ve had to work through — playing time, injuries, suspensions. College coaches will ask you about the situation if you are being recruited, and they’ll also ask your prep coaches and possibly other coaches in the area. College coaches are always trying to get the full picture of what’s going on– so they’ll ask a lot of sources.

If you are being treated unfairly, someone along the line will usually speak up and voice that. Politics takes place in a lot of organizations, and high school sports are no exception. How you handle the situation will tell coaches a lot about you. Instead of running away or quitting—are there some constructive solutions to the situation?

While it can be a stressful situation for you, use that frustration as fuel. As hard as it is, keep your attitude positive and relentless. Work harder. Practice more. Focus your energy, eliminate distractions. Be better in the classroom and with the playbook. Do everything that is asked of you. Use this situation as motivation, because, you will have situations like this happen throughout life and the younger you learn to work through adversity (instead of run from it), will only help you. Be such a great teammate and improved player that you can’t be ignored.

While it’s hard to remember now, understand that rosters are very fluid. Players move up and down throughout their season and career. Just when you think there will never be another opportunity for you, a door may open. Just work even harder and be ready for your chance when that door opens!

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