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What Makes You Unique? Get an Edge…

If you are looking for an edge in recruiting, a way to separate yourself from the other players at your level and to climb into the next level of competition—think about how you can become unique, how can you separate yourself? What can you become a specialist in?

Sure, all coaches are looking for scorers and elite speed and size. But as every player chases the leading scorer title, starting pitcher title, leading rusher title, think about other ways that you can separate yourself, especially by doing the work that few players want to do—the dirty work. The rebounding, the blocking, special teams… the list goes on and on.

Not only do I know college players who earned scholarships this way but I know college players who went on to have long- term professional careers because of this approach! What can make you unique? What can you become a specialist at? Free throws, steals, blocking, punt returns yards after the catch, ball security, breaking the first, second, third tackles consistently. Are you the go-to guy on third- down conversions—not necessarily the deep ball guy but the guy who consistently move the chains on third or fourth down?

Do the dirty work that most other players don’t want to do and you will have a better opportunity to be discovered and promoted up the depth chart. Take pride in your specialty!

In basketball, in nearly every interview you can hear coaches complaining about rebounding. Very few coaches are ever content with how they do on the boards, even if they are winning the battle in most games. And, undoubtedly, those basketball teams that are in championship contention… they are head and shoulders better in rebounding than every other team. Coaches are searching to find a player who can get them a major rebounding and defensive edge while most players are just concerned with their points per game average. THERE is your chance to become a difference-maker, a starter or even a scholarship player!

Every sport provides similar opportunities… think about the skills that you can bring to a team that aren’t what every other player is chasing but will help your team win games. THAT will be a way to create buzz and may help you get recruited.

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