All International Players

Q: Can I get a scholarship if I live in outside of the US? How do I get noticed if I live in another country?

A: Yes, I’ve worked with foreign players nearly every year. The same rules apply as American students, but realize you will have to do a lot more footwork on your own (making phone calls, sending emails with your film and information, deal with unreturned messages, etc). Just as there are scouts in America in different regions, there are also scouts in Canada and overseas for many sports.

In a perfect world, you could jump on a plane and participate in American college camps or third-party combines, or participate in AAU in the States. Financially, that’s not an option for most players. You are at a disadvantage because it’s much tougher to get a coach to come see you play, especially if you aren’t an elite athlete being recruited by Top 25 programs who have the budgets to send their coaches out-of-thecountry to scout potential players.

A significant number of players get their foot in the door by moving to the United States during high school in order to play in America, either with their own family or an adopted family. This gives them an opportunity to play at an American high school and compete in AAU or in combines and camps. For many players, this is not an option. Understand that it’s definitely not IMPOSSIBLE—the internet has made it much easier for foreign players.

The #1 Rule to Recruiting to remember is that in order to be interested in offering you a scholarship or walk-on position, coaches MUST see you play, either in person or on tape. If they aren’t coming to see you, then you need to put your film together, post it on YouTube and email it out to coaches. Find the direct info for the coaches who recruit your position, and email them your Student-Athlete Resume and film or try to call their office to introduce yourself.

You need to find the best competition you can find, and focus 100% on your fundamentals, and try to compete in national competitions within your sport. The better you are, the more likely you are to be recruited. Try to play on nationally competitive teams, or teams who are top within your country or continent. If scouts are coming to see some of the best in your country or continent, and you are playing with or against them, scouts will be also evaluating everyone on the court/field. Find the best competition possible!

The process may take longer for you and you may not have immediate scholarship opportunities, but you may be able to pursue a Walk-On position (no athletic scholarship money offered)—but can qualify or earn academic scholarships as an international student! Walking-on can get your foot in the door, and you could possibly earn athletic scholarship money after a year or two in the program.

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