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Q: What does filling out a questionnaire do? Will sending in questionnaires help me get started?

A: Depending on if a coach sent you the questionnaire or if you found it yourself and filled it out, questionnaires are just an early step in the process. If a coach mailed or emailed you their questionnaire—fill it out and return it promptly!

If a coach sent you a hard copy or the online link and asked you to fill it out… that’s a good, early sign. It likely shows they’ve heard or seen something good about you from prep coaches or scouting services. By sending out the questionnaire they are looking to gather more information on you to help them with their research. Primarily, they’re collecting your contact info so they can send you mail, emails or call you – either soon or to have it on file if they decide to reach out to you down the road. They’re also collecting info on your HS/AAU/Club teams and coaches, info about your parents, HT/WT/Stats (unverified), etc. The data from questionnaires are entered into massive databases that coaching staffs use throughout the process to keep information organized.

If you requested a questionnaire or found one on your own… it’s hard to say. At some schools the unsolicited information is looked over and at some schools it’s not closely monitored. That’s not to say you will never begin to be recruited from them – but normally only if you are able to send film as well or have one of your prep coaches speak with the coaching staff.

Some schools have the budget to mail and email numerous amounts of kids and others only mail potential recruits that they have heard something about from trusted sources. Each staff and budget varies.

Questionnaires – online or on paper – are just a first, early step in the recruiting process.

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