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How to Help Pay for College Outside of Athletic Scholarships?


Hundreds of thousands of student-athletes are lucky enough to earn athletic scholarships… but millions of other students each year are not, and must find ways to pay for their college education! Tuition, university fees, room and board, academic supplies, books and living expenses add up quickly!

Here are some ways to help cover expenses for a college education, learn more at

– Federal Work Study (Jobs)

– Scholarships
o Academic
o Merit – Artistic, Extracurricular, Community Service-based aid
o Need-based
o Student-Specific (gender, race, religion, family/medical history and other factors)
o Career-Specific (based on your choice of major or field of interest)
o College-Specific

– Federal Student Aid

o Grants/Scholarships
> Federal Pell Grant
> FSEOG (Grants)
> TEACH Grants
> Iraq/Afghanistan Service Grant
> Aid for Military Families

o Loans
> Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans
> PLUS Loans
> Perkins Loans
> Private Loans

Shop around! Tuition’s vary greatly from school-to-school, schools are able to offer a variety of different aid packages and most schools charge higher rates for out-of-state students. Sit down with your family and determine a budget, and begin the paperwork for other aid.

For more information, visit on the above financial aid options!

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