All Scholarship Offers Walk-Ons

Do Walk-Ons Ever Earn Scholarship Money?

If you are a contributing member of the team who works their way into a starting position or who makes major contributions in-games and has earned a significant role with consistent playing time, there is a good chance your coach may award you with some scholarship money as a senior or junior —but it’s not guaranteed.

Making the team as a walk-on gets your foot in the door, it gets you a shot at practice. Treat practice as your games and realize that any reps that you get are critical, treat them with respect and make the most of them. If you are on scout team, focus on doing whatever you can to prepare the starters.

Coaches are looking for “difference makers” who can help them win games. While most players are just trying to get the ball or spotlight, focus on what you can become a specialist at that can help your team win games—special teams, rebounding, blocking, ball security, steals, etc. You may never be the leading scorer but you can become the best blocker, toughest rebounder or difference-maker on special teams—and those advantages and strengths you can bring to your team can help you earn a scholarship or starting job.

Coaches love players who play great fundamentals, who hustle and who are tough. No matter your size, skill or speed—these are traits you can always work on. Focus on your fundamentals, toughness and ALWAYS hustle. Have no off-field issues (academic, attitude, legal) and HUSTLE!

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