Coaches’ Corner: 180 ways to market your program to recruits

Coaches’ Corner: 180 ways to market your program to recruits

Some factors apply, some may not… What to Instagram, Tweet, Email out, Mail out and promote to prospects and their parents.

Are you a national leader, leader within the conference or leader within the state?

– Academic advising bullet points – technology, space, tutors available
– Academic Honor Roll
– Academic Progress Rate – National or conference rank
– All-conference players in school history or under head/assistant coach
– All-tournament team players
– Alumni in the corporate world
– Apparel contract of team
– Attendance records
– Average salary of new grad
– Banquet pictures
– Big city or college town backdrop
– Body composition analysis and improvements
– Bowl trips or in-season tournaments / locations
– Campus diversity
– Campus pictures
– Campus traditions
– Career development opportunities within major
– Career wins- head coach
– Celebrities / Former players who attend games or have visited program
– CEOs / Corporate leadership who are alumni
– Cheer / dance / mascot pictures
– Coaches interviews with national media
– Coaching pedigree of head coach – who have they learned under?
– Coaching tree of head coaches – assistants they have produced and where they are now?
– Community Service of Players and Team
– Compare program before and after head coach arrived (wins, beating ranked teams, conference success, all-conference players)
– Conference Strengths
– Cost of degree from the university – tuition, room and board, etc.
– Cost per student invested academically (budget divided by student-athletes)
– Defensive philosophy
– Degrees
– Dining Halls
– Diversity of campus
– Dorms
– Draft picks from conference – total and high rounds
– Dual-sport athletes – current and former
– Ease of travel to big cities or recruiting hotbeds
– Facilities
– Former players donating back to program
– Former players in All-Star games
– Former players in playoffs
– Former players who have won national awards or were finalists
– Fortune 500 companies who recruit university job fairs
– Gameday traditions
– Graduation pictures of athletes
– Graduation pictures of notable alumni walking across stage
– Graduation rates of head coach
– Graduation Success Rate – National or conference rank
– Head coach pictured with celebrities or athletes
– Head coach’s wins – over ranked teams or rank compared to conference or national competitors
– Home attendance numbers – compare nationally or within conference
– In-conference opponents
– Internship opportunities through university or town
– Job fairs at university – companies who recruit there
– Legendary alumni from school – Business leaders, celebrities, etc.
– Legendary athletes from school
– List of majors – highlight most interesting
– Local top professional players
– Media coverage — behind-the-scenes pictures of photo shoots or interviews
– Motivational quotes
– National awards – nominees, finalists, winners
– National powerhouse or presence
– National ranking of specific majors within university
– National or conference record-holders
– National titles of conference or team
– National university ranking – where ranks nationally or in conference
– Newspaper articles about program – National media spotlight or great articles
– Nutritional counseling
– Offensive philosophy
– Offseason training
– Online tour of campus
– Pep rallies
– Pictures of coaches and family
– Pictures of coaches with fans and students interacting
– Pictures of magazine covers / website coverages
– Pictures of players with fans and other students celebrating
– Pictures of town
– Position-by-position: Great former players at each position
– Plan for development
– Player development plan or history of staff
– Player stats – conference or national leaders or ranking
– Players named all-conference Player of Week or Player of Year
– Players on student-athlete advisory committees
– Players to professional contracts opportunities
– Playing time and stats graduating – opportunity open by position
– Position-by-position former player leaders or legends
– Post-playing career / job placements
– Post-Season appearances
– Practice facility
– Preseason rankings
– Pro Day pictures
– Pro draft streaks
– Pro players actively competing
– Pro players in post-season
– Pro players voted All-Star or All-Conference
– Pro players—full list of past and present
– Pro players or alumni who train on campus in off-season
– Pro scouts who’ve attended games recently
– Profiles or Q&As with assistant coaches or coordinators
– Putting together a top recruiting class – be a part of it and make history
– Quotes from articles from media members, opponent coaches, current players, opponent players
– Quotes from current players about head coach, team or teammates
– Quotes from former players in pros about program, head coach or current players
– Quotes from TV announcers
– Ranking – National or conference
– Ranking streaks from recent years
– Ranking of fanbase merchandise sales
– Recent win streaks
– Records set under head coach
– Rival game pictures
– Roster / Depth chart
– Season outlook
– Senior class
– Schedule
– Small class sizes
– Social media accounts – number of followers if high
– Social media accounts of each coach of your sport
– Social media accounts of university, athletic department and team
– Speakers or leaders who have visited university
– Stadium or arena expansions
– Stadium or arena luxury suites and alumni rooms
– Stadium or arena pictures
– Staff continuity – how long have assistants and head coaches worked together combined
– Strength of schedule
– Student / fan section pictures
– Student athletes elected to campus leadership
– Student-Faculty ratio
– Success of other teams in Athletic Department
– Team GPA – Improvement or record?
– Team or athletic department Hall of Fame inductees
– Team values or mission statement
– Teammates
– Team websites
– Traditions
– Town highlights or landmarks
– Training table and individualized nutritional planning
– TV contract money
– TV network associated with conference
– TV games – total numbers or percentages
– Tweets from celebrities or former players about program
– Uniform designs
– University selection rates (if high)
– Upcoming games: Dates, opponent, TV/Radio, time
– Upcoming schedules
– Weather
– Weightroom improvements including pictures of before and after
– Weight room measurements
– Weightroom philosophy
– Weightroom pictures
– Willingness to play freshmen by coaching staff
– Win streaks of head coach
– Winning percentage – head coach
– Wins – point margin of wins
– Wins over ranked teams


– 100 days until… Practice Starts, First Game, Graduation, Signing Day, Etc.
– ACT/SAT date and signup reminders
– Alma Mater
– Camp brochure
– Camp dates
– Campus move-in day
– Congrats on High School Playoffs
– Congrats on Pre-Season Rankings
– Elite camp invite
– Goal setting
– Good luck on high school season
– Happy Birthday
– Happy Holidays – Holidays, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Halloween
– Junior Day Invite
– Leadership Tips
– NCAA Eligibility Requirements
– NCAA Rules
– Personal profiles of current players, coaches and former players
– Recruiting Calendars/Definitions
– Sample Class Schedule
– Sample Daily Schedule
– Spring game / Midnight Madness Attendance Numbers
– Team picture
– Team poster
– Upcoming games – mail, email, social media
– What to expect during recruiting process

You need to think on several levels. Your graphics and marketing materials to recruits should reflect what’s going on and improving within your program, at the high school level and pro level, and how that ties in to your program.

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