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Should I Pay Recruiting Services to Get My Name Out to Coaches?

Here is a tip to save you a few bucks—Never pay a recruiting service to send your information to universities, especially larger Division I schools.

First off, this book will teach you to find the contact information that you need and to put together your own Student-Athlete Resume and highlight video.

Secondly, particularly at competitive Division I programs, stacks of athlete resumes aren’t taken serious or even looked at in most cases. If you have to pay someone to send out your profile, you must not be that talented. True or not, that is the impression it gives off.

Put together your Student-Athlete Resume, your highlight video and mail and email them off to the schools that interest you. You can find all the contact information that you need within a few clicks online. And, coaches like players who can show SOME initiative and do some of this work on their own.

Personally, I would discredit these resumes that were paid for and sent in bulk, and very few coaches actually looked at them or added their information to their watch list or to the database. From my experience at FBS Division I schools, I don’t remember a coach handing me one to add that prospects’ info to the database, ever! But they often handed me ones that players, parents or prep coaches had put together themselves to add to their own watch list.

Sure, they were used more at some of the small programs that I worked with but players would have gotten the same responses if they would have mailed in their own letter and resume. Send it on your own and they will be more likely to read it! Those companies have no extra leverage that you don’t have yourself!

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