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Selection Factors: Write Thoughts in the Moment & Keep Detailed Notes

As you take Unofficial Visits, Official Visits and spend countless hours talking with coaches on the phone, it’s easy for your thoughts and impressions to begin to blend together weeks later once you’re home. A great practice is keep a notebook, with space for each school or coach to have their own section for notes. Keep track of what was discussed during the conversations, how you feel about the coaching staff, what the players are like, notes about the academic programs, your first impressions of the campus and University city while they’re fresh in your mind and any other feelings that may come up during the process. Whatever is important to you, take notes on how you feel when you’re on campus.

Many parents feel it’s important to write notes down while you’re in the moment, while the feelings and impressions are fresh. Most often, your gut will be speaking with you. It’s important to follow it, and not overlook red flags that may come up during the recruiting process.

Remember — it’s not always about what coaches are telling you, it’s about their actions and how they treat you and how they treat others. You will be seeing the best version of them during the recruiting process, keep track of any uncertanties that may arise and don’t overlook those once you’re home and sitting down with your family to make a decision!

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