All Communicating with Coaches Scholarship Offers

Q: Does it mean a school will offer you a scholarship if they are sending you letters and emails?

A: No, letters are sent to players that are on the coach staff’s ‘Watch List.’ As we’ve discussed, there are several reasons why players may be added to this list—but this list changes weekly and is, especially early in the process for juniors, just a preliminary list.

Getting letters means the coaches have heard something about you from a trusted source. Until they get a chance to get out to see you in person they will be sending you information about their program and school. Remember, coaches are trying to get to know their recruits (which takes months during the evaluation process) but they want YOU to get to know THEM as well.

Letters are an early or base sign of interest. If they are calling you and coming to see you (once allowed by NCAA rules)—those are even better signs. Letters mean they’ve heard or seen something about you that they may be interested in, but they aren’t ready to offer you a scholarship quite yet, they’re still doing research.

Don’t get too overconfident or too frustrated early in the process. If you are getting letters but few calls or visits from coaches, you can be proactive and send them your most recent and best film. Getting seen (in person or on film) are your best chances to move up the rankings on each coach’s list. If you are getting letters, it’s a good idea to call the coaching staff and find out who your recruiting coach is and send them your film directly.

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