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Stats, measurables and video can tell you a lot—but the ultimate difference-maker when evaluating players is understanding and confirming intangibles. Every championship-caliber player and coach that I’ve worked for has had strong intangibles. Discuss as a staff the top 5-10 characteristics you would like for your team to play with. Great qualities to look for beyond position skill, size and speed:

– Makes good decisions
– Poised
– Competitive
– Wants the ball when the game is on the line
– Hard worker
– Tough
– Fiery leader
– Confident
– Natural instincts
– Patient
– Focused
– Mature
– Coachable
– Great motor
– Love for the game
– Doesn’t make the same mistake twice
– Team Player
– Aggressive
– Has a presence
– Recovers from mistakes
– Great energy
– Good communicator

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Recruit the intangibles that are missing as a team. Treat the problems in your huddle or lockerroom.

When discussing your top targets with prep coaches and your sources in the area, find out more about what intangibles they compete with. Intangibles separate good players from great ones!

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