Below are 20 signs that a college coach is interested in recruiting you. Depending on their interest level, their actions will vary. Remember, depending on your age, there are limits on to how coaches can recruit you and what type of contact they can have with you.

1-5 signs: Low-Mid level of interest
5-10 signs: Mid-High level of interest
10 or more signs: Coaches are highly interested in you and considering you for a scholarship

#1- Sent you a questionnaire

#2- Send you mail and/or emails. Handwritten letters and cards show a higher level of interest.

#3- Call you. The more they call you (as allowed), the more interested they are.

#4- Call your family and coaches to get to know them, and to get to know more about you.

#5- Invite you to camp

#6- Follow or friend request you on social media

#7- Request film from your coaches

#8- Invite you to campus for a game, Junior Day, tour, unofficial visit

#9- Encourage you to register for the NCAA Eligibility Center and to register for the ACT/SAT tests

#10- Come to your school, games, practice or tournaments. The more often that they show up, the more interest they have. Best case scenario: the head coach shows up at your games! Great sign if multiple coaches from that school come to your school or games, they are cross-checking their evaluations and discussing you as a staff.

#11- Request your high school transcript

#12- Ask you questions and gauge your interest in their program

#13- Send you info on the specific major that you are interested in

#14- Are asking around about you… Your coaches, rival coaches, teachers, principal, guidance counselors, etc. They are trying to get the full picture about you as a player, student and person from all angles.

#15- Talk about setting up an official visit down the road. If they begin checking dates with you for a possible Official Visit, they are interested!

#16- Mention making an in-home visit with you and your family down the road. If they bring up a future in-home visit, they’re interested!

#17- Tell you to watch their games and get a feel for their style of play. As they get to know you, they want you to get to know them, their philosophy and style as a team and coaching staff.

#18- Ask you personal questions. When coaches are interested in your athletic ability and considering offering you, they will want to get to know you on a personal level and will ask you about hobbies, likes/dislikes, favorites, girlfriends/boyfriends, etc. They will want to get to know more about you as a person!

#19- Ask you which schools have visited you and/or offered you. They will want to know who they are competing against. They will want to know more about your selection factors and how they compare with those other schools. Do they have a good shot with you?

#20- If you are in town and make an unofficial visit, they will take time to take you on a campus and facility tour, and spend lots of personal time with you. If you are spending time with the head coach on visits, that’s a really great sign! If they want to show you what they have to offer about a program, they are interested!

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