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Stats: Will Leading the League in Stats Help Me Get Noticed?

Not necessarily, coaches know stats can be misleading so they don’t base evaluations heavily off of them. Sure, if you lead the league, it might help you get “noticed” or your foot in the door. They may send you a questionnaire or ask the coaches in the area about you—but they’ll evaluate your position-specific skills, size and speed over stats any day.

In all sports and in every position, from my experience, coaches aren’t looking at numbers nearly as much as they are looking at your position-specific skills (burst, ball security, blocking, power, ability to break tackles, vision, lateral movement, cutting, acceleration, footwork), size and speed. They are also looking for the intangibles: toughness, leadership, ability to make plays. Are you a winner?

Coaches like to evaluate players against great competition, they want to see how you perform versus the best players in the area, state and region. Always remember that! Coaches may take a look at stats but their next question is: “What is the quality of competition they’re up against?” Stats are relative! Always learn to play at the highest level that you can.

So yes, if you play in a successful, competitive conference and are the leading scorer—some schools will take notice, and do further research. Which, if you are offered, can also lead to other schools doing their research too. It’s possible to get the ball rolling that way.

Ultimately, college coaches are looking for players who can help them win. What strengths can you bring to your unit, what can you do to help them win (not necessarily only with touches).

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