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Q: Where do players send their film to be evaluated? Can they send it to college coaches directly?

A: Yes!

Each coaching staff splits recruiting responsibilities, normally by location, position or grad year. For this reason, it is a big time and energy-saver to begin the process by contacting the coach who is responsible for recruiting your hometown or position.

Once the recruiting coach has done their research on you, the position coach has done their evaluation, your transcripts have been evaluated and the staff is sold on you as a player, they will take your information to the head coach and your recruitment will go from there.

Head coaches play a major role in recruiting but the head coach usually interacts with players who have offers from that school, or are on the verge of getting an offer. It’s best to start lower on the totem pole and send your video to the correct contact.

If college coaches like what they see on film or like what they hear from their trusted sources and prep coaches, and you fit a need they have for that signing class, they will do more research into you and eventually may come see you in person for themselves.

You need to give them a REASON to come see you. Coaches won’t devote the travel time and resources to just come by your school to check you out—they want to already have an idea that you might be a fit for their program before they get to you in person.

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