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What Readers Are Saying About @1001RecruitTips: 

IG- @jennidalem: If you have an athlete that wants to play in college…buy this book & follow every point!

“It has been very informative over the last few years. We did. Our son made it:) He is a freshman in college playing baseball!! Thanks again.” –Crystol B.

“The good news is that my son verbally committed so he is all set!! Keep up the good work.” –Greg A.

“My son has verbally committed to Texas A&M for 2017. Thanks for your site and your help.” –Erin R.

Arthur Hill: THANK YOU! The book is a road map of this exciting journey. The break down of goals/ what to expect and work on each year is very valued and helpful. Thanks again!

jmurra: Good information on do’s and don’ts concerning requirements. Provided nice clarity on how accreditation procedures must flow for levels of colleges.

Amazon Customer: This book has really educated our daughter..and us too..on what to expect if you want to play at the college level.

FBall Mom: My son is a high school football player and I found the recruiting process (rules, who to trust, what to do, etc) so confusing and overwhelming. I didn’t even know where to start until a friend of mine recommended NCAA Recruit Tips. This book is clearly written by someone who knows what they’re talking about and now I feel like I can give my son the best guidance and not have to worry about being taken down the wrong path. Thanks for the clarity!

ZenDarb: Good practical information. Glad I bought it!

“@1001RecruitTips is a MUST follow. Probably the one account that has actually helped me. Thank you :)” – @harleyf18

“I can’t go a day without checking @1001RecruitTips website.” –Jose DeLeon

“Every single athlete that needs tips on your game follow @1001RecruitTips #trustme.” – @ErikBeasley

“Everyday before I get out of bed I read @1001RecruitTips tweets, just trying to be successful in what I do best.” – @Ania_THEBRUCERR

“@1001RecruitTips Can’t tell you how much you have already helped me in just a few months!” – @JayRaymond13

“@1001RecruitTips Some good and true tweets to help you be a mentally and physically stable basketball player.” – @KB_TheDreamer

“@1001RecruitTips spitting real stuff! If you are a student-athlete & not following them ur pretty much #losing.” – @_OLYMPIC_BOUND

“Best college tips and advice anywhere.” – @_JustinWC9

“Shout out to @1001RecruitTips for some great tips on getting recruited. Best in the business. No doubt!” – @_NickBlake_

“I think @1001RecruitTips gonna get me a D1 Scholarship.” – @Cmon_be_Real

“Honestly @1001RecruitTips helps. I think everyone on my team should follow them.” – @new_nd_improved

“@1001RecruitTips has some of the best recruiting tips I have ever heard #ThankYou” – @ONWG_OverAll

“Man shoutout to @1001RecruitTips… if you’re a high school athlete trying to get an offer, follow him for GREAT TIPS.” – @TNP_Hooper33

“I really like @1001RecruitTips. All you aspiring college athletes should follow them #goodadvice” – @Coach_Stamps

“@1001RecruitTips’ tweets be getting me hyped to succeeed #motivation #inspiration” – @toobiginthepait

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“I just started following @1001RecruitTips + recommend any players that aspire to play @ #NCAA level to follow… nice resource.” – @Tsbiet_NPH

“S/O to @1001RecruitTips if you plan on trying to make it to the next level give them a follow. Good advice.” – @willison25

“2morrow I’m gonna work to #makeitcount and do more than just read @1001RecruitTips tweets. Gonna put them into action.” – @ItsForThe_Best

“My #MorningMotivation from @1001RecruitTips >>>>>>>>.” – @ItsForThe_Best

“If you are a HS athlete, I would highly recommend following @1001RecruitTips. Gives great advice & might help ur future.” – @Packers12_80_85

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“@1001RecruitTips has the greatest tips! Thank you!” – @DarioJukic72

“Anybody who wants to get recruited by an NCAA school, follow @1001RecruitTips they have so many good tips! Seriously!” – @bethanyj_xo

“Very good! I read these to my 8th grader! He’s typing some to frame as reminders: 25 Tips for Becoming a Better Leader.” – @Something_New76

“All you #hoopers trying to get recruited should follow @1001RecruitTips !! Will help you through that process!” – @HoopMovement

“@1001RecruitTips has the realest tweets out there.” – @IAm_Smitty

“@1001RecruitTips is the truth.” – @JayForDays_01

“@1001RecruitTips really appreciate all of the great advice.” – @george_xandris

“Every serious high school athlete follow @1001RecruitTips he is the first step in getting a scholarship.” – @BruinWR17

“I’m always RT’ing @1001RecruitTips they always give great info.” – @LL_Kool_JoX

“@1001RecruitTips is helping me so much just by looking at what they tell others!” – @dunkbunny

“Man I tell you @1001RecruitTips be speaking some real stuff if you wanna play on the next level.” – @FreshBoiLaye

“@1001RecruitTips Shoutout to you guys for #MorningMotivation. I would admit, I’ve been feeling motivated a lot lately.” – @michyy_6

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A.P. Bah Bioh brings over 16 seasons of experience to 1,001 Recruit Tips, having worked for some of the best recruiters in sports, including three "National Coach of the Year" winners -- Urban Meyer, Frank Haith and Jim Larranaga -- along with 70+ NCAA coaches while at Elon University, UNC-Chapel Hill, the University of Florida and the University of Miami. Working primarily with football and men's basketball, Bah Bioh also spent time working with Olympic Sport coaching staffs including softball, women's lacrosse, fencing, golf, tennis and rowing. Bah Bioh has been part of numerous championships including the 2007 Florida Gator BCS National Championship; 2006 Florida Gator SEC Football Championship; the 2013 ACC Men's Basketball Championship and Sweet 16 NCAA Tourney run with the Miami Hurricanes that included both tournament and regular-season ACC titles; a 2002 UNC ACC Women's Lacrosse Championship and Final Four finish; a 2001 UNC ACC Softball championship and as a senior, was part of the 1999 Elon Football team that finished with a 9-2 record, one of the best seasons in program history. Over the years, Bah Bioh has worked with over 30 first-round draft selections (NFL, NBA, MLB) and numerous players who went on to sign professional contracts including Tim Tebow, Cam Newton, Rex Grossman, Percy Harvin, Mike and Markuice Pouncey, Shane Larkin, Joe Haden and many more!