Q: I didn’t do well academically but last semester, can I make it up next semester?

Q: I didn’t do well academically but last semester, can I make it up next semester?

Academic requirements are evaluated as a whole– do you have a cumulative GPA that qualifies, a qualifying SAT/ACT score and did you take all of the required courses? To qualify, universities and the NCAA Eligibility Center will strictly be evaluating your Core Course GPA and your ACT/SAT scores on the NCAA Sliding Scale.

LINK: NCAA Academic Eligibility Requirements

If there is one semester that stands out particularly bad, college coaches will likely ask you what was going on during that time. Did you have a family situation going on? Were you taking too many classes at once? What was going on in your life? Were you being lazy or skipping classes?

In most cases, poor academics are more of a lack of effort than lack of intelligence and most coaches know poor academics in high school will usually carry over and be magnified at the collegiate level so some coaches may be turned off and eliminate you from consideration. But on the same note, many understand that life issues happen, and are sometimes too much for players to deal with and that can be reflected in their schoolwork.

Understand that academics are talked about as a coaching staff before a offers are extended. Coaches evaluate transcripts to determine if you could be successful on their campus. They don’t want to bring players on campus that aren’t going to be able to be successful, or who will need to have their hand held every step of the way.

Coaches are always looking for players who can handle their business, on and off the court!

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