100 Most-Asked Recruiting Questions, Answered!

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Answers to 100 of the most-asked recruiting questions, giving you insights and tips to earning athletic scholarships!

Topics covered include:

Q: How do I get the recruiting process started?

Q: What does filling out a questionnaire do? Will sending in questionnaires help me get started?

Q: What’s the easiest way to get recruited?

Q: What grade to college coaches start looking at you?

Q: How do I get recruited if I live in a small town where coaches don’t recruit or if my team isn’t very good?

Q: I want a certain coach or school to come watch me play, how do I get them to come to my game?

Q: Are stats the most important thing coaches are looking at? If I lead the league in certain statistical categories, will that help me get recruited?

Q: I have no film to send to coaches – how do I get noticed?

Q: How do you get colleges from other states to recruit you?

Q: Does size play a role in recruiting or do coaches focus solely on skill?

Q: Does my child need to play on a high-profile club/AAU team to get noticed? Don’t coaches comb through all clubs at tourneys and try to evaluate everyone?

Q: My daughter is a junior and a DII coach said if she’s not recruited by D1 schools by now that she never will be. True?

Q: How do I turn “Interests” into “Scholarship Offers?”

Q: I’m a senior with no offers, is there any chance that I can still earn scholarship offers and play college sports?

Q: Do coaches prefer highlights or full game footage? Which should I send?

Q: What do I do if my high school coach isn’t sending out my film?

Q: When emailing a school, who should I send it to – the head coach, recruiting coordinator, position coach?

Q: When a team sends you a questionnaire, what does that mean? Will they recruit me?

Q: I’m ready to send my info to colleges– what should I write in the letters to coaches?

Q: Does it mean a school will offer you a scholarship if they are sending you letters and emails?

Q: I have struggles getting to summer camps, what else do you suggest? Do I have to go to camp in order to get recruited?

Q: How can I tell if college coaches are seriously considering me for a scholarship, what are the signs?

Q: Why is it so hard to get that first scholarship offer?

Q: Is it ok to tell the coaches who are recruiting you if another school offers you too?

Q: What does verbally committed mean and can a player/coach renege on a verbal?

Q: Is it typical for a coach to offer you a scholarship, then tell you later that they’ve offered that scholarship to two other players?

Q: How much of an advantage do in-state athletes have over out-of-state players for scholarships?

Q: What’s the difference between an Official Visit and Unofficial Visit?

Q: I have never been on an Official Visit, what should I expect?

Q: What questions should I ask during an Official or Unofficial Visit to campus?

Q: Are Junior Days invitation only?

Q: I want to take an Unofficial Visit to a certain school. Who do I contact to set one up? Can I set up an Unofficial Visit if the school isn’t recruiting me yet?

Q: How can I make the team as a walk-on and earn playing time?

Q: If I walk-on and am good enough, can I eventually earn scholarship money and/or get playing time?

Q: At what point do injures become a factor in recruiting?

Q: How does the recruiting process work with Junior College programs? How do I get in touch with JuCo coaches?

Q: I’m at a Junior College and want to transfer to an NCAA school, what do I do?


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