7 Steps to a Scholarship: 2017 Edition

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NCAA Recruit Tips




Upcoming NLI Signing Dates – NCAA
What is the Difference Between NCAA & NAIA
What is an NLI: National Letter of Intent
What Do NCAA Athletic Scholarships Cover
Registering with the NCAA Eligibility Center
What You Need to Know About the NCAA Eligibility Center
ACT/SAT Upcoming Test Dates
Athletic Scholarships: Are they 4-Year or Year-to-Year?
Academics: Each University Sets Own Standards
NCAA Division I Academic Standards
NCAA Division II Academic Standards.
NCAA Division III Academic Standards
NAIA Academic Standards
Students with Documented Education-Impacting Disabilities
Academic Documentation for Home School Students
NCAA Recruiting Definitions
Action Steps: Mandatory Requirements

Scholarship Offers: Earned, Not Given
Odds of Playing After High School
#1 Rule to Get Noticed
The First Question Coaches Will Ask You
Putting Together Your Student-Athlete Resume
Don’t Pay Services to Get Your Name Out to Recruiters
Start Local
There is a Method to the Madness
8 Reasons Why Players Begin to Get Recruited
8 Reasons: Reason #1
8 Reasons: Reason #2
8 Reasons: Reason #3
8 Reasons: Reason #4
8 Reasons: Reason #5
10 Tips to Go From Camper to Recruit
8 Reasons: Reason #6
15 Tips For Putting Together Your Highlight Video
Highlights vs. Game Video
How to Get the Coach’s Contact Info
8 Reasons: Reason #7
8 Reasons: Reason #8
Interest vs. Scholarship Offers
Getting the First Scholarship Offer
Action Steps: Getting Started & Getting Noticed

How Coaches Assign Recruiting Responsibilities
How the Coaching Staff Ranks Players
How Coaches Build Their “Watch Lists”
What’s More Important – Size vs. Skill
Will Leading the League in Stats Help Me Get Noticed?
One Sport vs. Dual Sport Players
Can You Qualify Academically
No Stone Unturned
From Building Watch Lists to First Day of Class
Tell Me More About Yourself – Answering Interview-Style Questions
How to Carry Yourself When Approaching Coaches
Questions About Playing Time
Keeping Your Recruiting Coaches Updated on Who Has Offered You
What to Expect: Freshman Year of HS
What to Expect: Sophomore Year of HS
What to Expect: Junior Year of HS
What to Expect: Senior Year of HS
When College Coaches Can Contact: By Sport
Before the Scholarship Offer: 20 Signs a Coach is Interested
Your Decision Timeline
The Woo-ing Stage
Closing the Deal on Home Turf
Pressure Time to Commit
14 Signs of a Great Recruiter
Action Steps: Understanding How Coaches Build Their Signing Classes

Develop Your List: What’s Important to You
30 Factors Recruits Consider When Selecting a School
20 Signs of a Successful College Coach
Questions to Ask During the Recruiting Process
10 Must-Ask Questions During Recruiting Process and Campus Visits
More Potential Questions to Ask
What to Expect on Unofficial/Official Visits
Setting Up a Visit to a School That Has Not Shown Interest Yet
Keep Detailed Notes: Write Thoughts Down in the Moment
Full Scholarships vs. Partial Scholarships
The Money Talk: Asking What Scholarship Offer Will Cover
After Offer, How Long Do Coaches Hold Scholarship for You?
Can Coaches Pull Scholarship After You’ve Verbally Committed?
What You Need to Know About Committing
Action Steps: Developing & Narrowing Your List

Coaches Are Evaluating Everything About You
What Makes You Unique
Timing is Everything
8 Tips to Help You Gain Weight
25 Tips to Become a Better Leader
10 Sacrifices You Can Make to Become a Better Player
14 Ways to Improve Time Management
Direct Line of Communication
Respond to Questionnaires
Social Media & Recruiting: 16 Tips Before You Post
Don’t Become a Pest
Action Steps: How to Help Your Cause

When You Don’t Feel Like You’re Improving Athletically
How to Improve Mental Toughness
How to Repair Character Issues
Not Hearing Anything Back from Coaches After Sending Video
I’ve Started Several Games and Got Benched, Should I Transfer?
Will Suspensions End My Recruitment?
What if There is a Chance in Coaches?
15 Tips for Adjusting to a New Coach
The Right to Change Your Mind
10 Tips for Unsigned Seniors
The Junior College Route
Walk-On Opportunities
30 Tips for Walk-Ons: How to Make the Team and Earn Playing Time
Do Walk-Ons Ever Earn Scholarship Money?
How to Pay for School Outside of Athletic Scholarships
Dealing with Issues with the NCAA
Plan to Transfer in a Year or Two to Jump to Higher Division
What if an Injury Interrupts my Career
Ways to Address Issues with Your Child’s Coach
Action Steps: If Plan ‘A’ Isn’t Working Out

Never Put an Expiration Date on Your Dreams
Always Remain in Control
Signed, Sealed & Delivered: Advice for Scholarship Signees
14 Tips for Your First Month on Campus
Action Steps: Remain in Control

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A.P. Bah Bioh brings over 16 seasons of experience to 1,001 Recruit Tips, having worked for some of the best recruiters in sports, including three "National Coach of the Year" winners -- Urban Meyer, Frank Haith and Jim Larranaga -- along with 70+ NCAA coaches while at Elon University, UNC-Chapel Hill, the University of Florida and the University of Miami. Working primarily with football and men's basketball, Bah Bioh also spent time working with Olympic Sport coaching staffs including softball, women's lacrosse, fencing, golf, tennis and rowing. Bah Bioh has been part of numerous championships including the 2007 Florida Gator BCS National Championship; 2006 Florida Gator SEC Football Championship; the 2013 ACC Men's Basketball Championship and Sweet 16 NCAA Tourney run with the Miami Hurricanes that included both tournament and regular-season ACC titles; a 2002 UNC ACC Women's Lacrosse Championship and Final Four finish; a 2001 UNC ACC Softball championship and as a senior, was part of the 1999 Elon Football team that finished with a 9-2 record, one of the best seasons in program history. Over the years, Bah Bioh has worked with over 30 first-round draft selections (NFL, NBA, MLB) and numerous players who went on to sign professional contracts including Tim Tebow, Cam Newton, Rex Grossman, Percy Harvin, Mike and Markuice Pouncey, Shane Larkin, Joe Haden and many more!